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11 Cars With Massage Seats: Soothing Luxury Rides

Get ready for a ride in the lap of luxury, elegance, and comfort. No more exhausting long trips; now they are your personal spa time. Don’t believe it’s possible? Let’s change that!

We will guide you through some top-notch cars that are setting new standards in luxury with their unique feature like massage seats. It’s no longer just about reaching your destination; it’s about enjoying every bit of the journey.

This article will reveal 11 cars with massage seats that make your drive a lavish experience. 

11 Cars & SUV With Massage Seats

This list includes some of the top models equipped with this advanced features demonstrating that comfort and technology can harmoniously coexist in modern automobiles.

Volvo S90

The S90 car stands out among other high-end luxury sedans. Its price starts at an affordable $53,850 and boasts top-quality features and performance. The interior design is new, and the comfort of the seats is revolutionary.

You can easily adjust massage levels to your liking with buttons on the side of the seat. It feels like a moving relaxation library, offering five massage modes focusing on different areas of your back and shoulders.

There are also three levels of intensity and speed for each mode. The car’s Scandinavian design is stunning, featuring bright LED headlights for safety. It also has a high-resolution video system that makes road trips more enjoyable!

Ford F-150

The Ford-150 Platinum is not just a car; it’s an adventure. People don’t just like it for how well it works or how reliable it is; they also love the luxurious extras. It contains heated leather massage seats that are also ventilated. These seats are so comfortable that you might forget you’re in a truck and think you’re home on your couch.

You can adjust the seat’s top and bottom parts separately to ensure you’re as comfortable as possible. Max Recline Seats from Ford sets this model apart from others. This nifty feature lets the seats fold flat, like a bed, so your truck can become your relaxation station on wheels.

Some buttons on the side of the seat let drivers control how warm or cool they want their hearts to be. They can also choose different massage modes and decide how strong they want their massage to be – all without lifting a finger! You can even change these settings on the infotainment touchscreen display for convenience. 

Lincoln MKZ

Lincoln MKZ, a luxury car, first hit the market in 2007. It’s been a favorite for more than ten years now. It’s in its second generation, and car enthusiasts love its smooth rides. It promises comfort and convenience on every journey.

The car has front seats that heat up and give you a soothing massage – pure joy! Its back seats recline in ten different ways, adding an extra touch of class. Its price tag sets this car apart from others. 

MKZ costs just $36,000 – a bargain for luxury sedans – so your bank account will be as happy as you are when driving it. This is one of those uncommon luxury cars that doesn’t make you spend a fortune but still provides high-end features like massaging seats.

Bentley Mulsanne

Bentley Mulsanne, despite being taken off the market in 2020, continues to represent great richness and grandeur. This model has left a lasting impression in the history of luxury cars because of its impressive features like heat control, intelligent ventilation, and a six-option massage feature. 

These features ensure that comfort is not just an idea but a reality. It also has different seating arrangements, four for the EW model and five for the standard model, catering to various customer requirements, from family vacations to business trips.

The starting price of this magnificent car is $300,000, which might make you think twice before buying it. But every dollar spent on it is reflected in its luxurious details and top-notch performance that it’s known for. 

Jaguar XJ

Jaguar XJ first hit the road in 1968 and has since become a classic icon. Its design takes you back to its launch year when elegance and sophistication were essential in car design. We’re saying goodbye to this timeless beauty with our final model of the fourth generation, which was first unveiled in 2009.

This model promises ultimate luxury and comfort. It comes with five power reclining seats covered in quality leather. There’s also a heated steering wheel for those cold days and optional massage seats at the front for long trips. These are all designed to make every drive a lavish experience.

Jaguars are usually priced similarly to Bentley’s, with current XJ models starting at $160k. But don’t worry – prices are set to decrease once production stops, making this luxurious car more affordable without losing any of its iconic features.

Mercedes-Benz with massage seats 

The latest E-Class Mercedes car is a game-changer. It’s packed with unique features that redefine what power and luxury mean for drivers who want the best experience possible. Think of it as a personal spa on wheels. The front seats aren’t just ventilated; they offer a multi-contour massage. 

It’s not just about simple vibrations; you can choose anything from soft to solid massages, even replicating hot stone therapy. This is perfect for relaxation during long drives or stressful traffic jams.

Its starting price is $55,750, but this car offers more than relaxing seats. It’s the epitome of German engineering sophistication. Under the hood, you’ll find a 4- or 6-cylinder engine that promises smooth yet powerful performance.

It doesn’t compromise on looks either; genuine leather upholstery adds a touch of timeless luxury. This reinforces why the E-Class full-size sedans have been synonymous with the iconic Mercedes-Benz brand since 1993.

BMW 5-Series

BMW 5-Series has evolved dramatically since it first hit the road in the early ’70s. This car, once a symbol of luxury, now redefines and elevates it. It boasts high-quality leather seats at the front that not only have power adjustment but also offer ventilation and a 20-way multi-contour massage system. It is considered to have one of the best bmw massage seats. 

This makes it a delight for the driver and passenger as it prioritizes comfort like no other car. Luxury isn’t just about driving anymore – thanks to the 5-Series, it’s also about unwinding after a hard day at work. This car features an advanced touchscreen information system. 

There are eight different massage programs to pick from, all part of the Luxury Seats Package; this is personalized luxury at its best, and all of these features can be controlled using buttons placed conveniently on the front door!

The starting price is $54,800 – yes, that’s more than most other BMW models. Still, when you think about the unique mix of generosity and high-tech features this car offers, it suggests an investment into unprecedented comfort and convenience worth every cent.

Porsche Panamera

Porsche Panamera is not your regular car. It feels like entering a new world. Picture yourself sitting on seats with ventilation, surrounded by high-quality leather interiors. You can also enjoy calming massages right from the comfort of your heart, both at the front and back.

This car’s purpose isn’t just to take you places; it’s designed to give you a break from the hectic outside world. Its luxury extends beyond functionality – it’s evident in every tiny detail. There are countless ways to personalize this car, making each Panamera one-of-a-kind. Its price tag always sparks conversation about this model.

In 2023, prices start from around $92,400, making it pricier than other cars. Some people feel this makes it too exclusive and unaffordable for most buyers, but owners have a different view. They think every penny they spend on their Panamera is worth it because of its unparalleled driving experience.

Audi with massage seats                               

Audi’s A8 is the ultimate in luxury and power. It’s hard to overlook its classy vibe. The fourth-generation models are designed for powerful driving and give the driver a unique pampering experience.

For example, the updated A8 models have features like front seats that massage you, steering wheels that heat up to keep you warm during chilly winters, and back seats with vents for maximum comfort on long trips. The new A8 differs from older models due to the foot massagers in the back chairs.

They provide a relaxing ride and can be adjusted based on your shoe size! These creative features justify why the starting price of an A8 in 2023 is $86,500. As Audi’s most expensive car, this fourth-generation model proves Audi’s dedication to making cars filled with luxury in every detail.

Lexus LS

All four Lexus LS models have a unique Shiatsu-inspired massage feature in the front seats. This fantastic feature combines Japanese innovation and top-tier luxury. You need to touch the screen to activate this massage marvel, which works perfectly with the seat heating options from a single, easy-to-use menu.

It’s like having a personal masseuse on every trip, giving you an unmatched feeling of relief that eases tension and stress. The comfort doesn’t stop there; the soft semi-aniline leather inside your car creates a peaceful haven. You can also add butterfly headrests and seat massages, transforming long trips from tiring chores into gentle breaks you look forward to.

You may be surprised, but these fancy benefits aren’t too expensive. The LS series begins at $76,100 – a fair price for top-notch features. As you enjoy this lavish setting thoughtfully designed by Lexus, remember it’s time to expect more because comfort has been taken to a new level.

Ford Explorer ST

Ford Explorer ST, the top-selling car in America, and many other SUVs now surprise you with luxury. The multi-contour massage seats add a hint of extravagance that was once only found in expensive cars. Now, this cool feature is available in more affordable models, too.

Ford is shaking things up by combining low cost with comfort and elegance. Fancy upgrades aren’t just for high-end sedans anymore. With their multi-contour SUV with massage seats, the Platinum models show us that significant changes are coming to how cars are made.

are Cars with Massage Seats Safe?

It seems incredible to have a massage as you drive. But some car owners might worry about safety. The main concern is that the relaxing massage could make drivers less alert to what’s happening on the road. We still have to think about the advantages too. Sitting for extended periods may lead to unease or even hurt, which can distract just as much.

Keeping the massage setting low can help you stay comfortable without taking your focus off the road. Many regulatory bodies have backed up this idea, saying using car seats with a massage function is safe. This has made these seats more popular among consumers.


Cars with massage seats are progressively becoming standard in luxury vehicles. These vehicles offer a comfortable ride and provide relaxation during long drives or after a stressful day. The list includes some of the top models equipped with this advanced feature, demonstrating that comfort and technology can harmoniously coexist in modern automobiles. Whatever you choose from our list, you’ll surely experience opulence. Now it’s your turn to take a test drive and experience the soothing effect of these massage seats!


What cars come with massage seats?

Several luxury cars with massage seats are available for an enhanced comfort experience. Some examples include Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Audi A8, BMW 7 Series, and Lincoln Continental. These vehicles offer advanced seating features, including heating, cooling, and various massages.

Do all 11 cars and SUVs on your list have the same type of massage seat?

No, the type of massage feature varies depending on the vehicle model. Some offer essential lumbar support, while others provide full body massages.

Can I add a massaging feature to my existing car seat?

It may be possible through aftermarket modifications, but it’s recommended to consult with an automotive professional first for safety reasons.