Mercedes E200 Vs. E220d

Mercedes E200 Vs. E220d: The 4 Differences & Which Is Best?

Picking a used Mercedes E-Class can be tricky because there are different models to choose from. The E200 and E220d are both popular options, and each one has its own special features and performance abilities.

What sets them apart? The main difference between Mercedes E200 and E220d is fuel efficiency; the E220d outshines the E200 due to its diesel engine. With lower emissions and better fuel economy, the E220d offers a greener and more cost-effective driving experience. This article will discuss all about Mercedes E200 Vs. E220d, so keep reading!

4 Differences Between The Mercedes E200 And E220d

The Mercedes E Class comes in different versions, including the E200 and E220d. These models are offered in sedan, estate, coupe, cabrio, and all-terrain options, there are several key differences that make each model unique, some are discussed here.

Fuel Type

At first look, the Mercedes E200 and E220d might seem similar, but their engines are different. The E200 has a 2.0-liter petrol engine that gives a smooth and luxurious driving experience. It delivers power in a steady way. The E220d has a 2.0-liter diesel engine that provides good torque and fuel efficiency. This makes it great for long drives and spirited highway driving.

Mercedes E200 Vs. E220d

Below is an overview of the engines of the E200 and E220d and how they perform.

It’s clear that their performance is nearly the same! Interestingly, the engine in the E220d is considered one of the top E-Class engines in 2023!

The Fuel Economy

The Mercedes E200 and E220d have completely different engine types, which results in a significant difference in their fuel efficiency.

The Mercedes E220d is one of the best in its class for saving fuel. It can go further on a gallon of gas than other similar cars, making it a great option for people who want to save money on fuel without giving up performance.

The E200 and E220d have different fuel economy, which means they can travel different distances on a full tank. Both cars have a 66-liter tank. The E200 can go 916 kilometers (569 miles) on one tank, while the E220d can go even further, up to 1245 kilometers (774 miles).


When it comes to choosing between the Mercedes E200 and E220d, the difference in weight is an important factor to consider. The E200, with its curb weight of 1718 Kg (3788 lbs), offers a lighter option compared to the E220d, which weighs in at 1768 Kg (3898 lbs). This variation is primarily due to the engine type, as the E220d features a diesel engine that contributes to its slightly heavier build than the petrol-powered E200.

Towing Capacity

Due to the E220d’s heavier weight and more powerful diesel engine, it can tow more than the E200. The E200 can tow up to 1900 Kg (4189 lbs), while the E220d can handle up to 2100 Kg (4630 lbs). This makes the E220d the superior option for towing!

What Is The Best Choice? (Mercedes E200 Vs. E220d)

Choosing between the Mercedes E200 and E220d depends on how you like to drive. The E200 with its petrol engine offers a smooth and responsive drive, perfect for those who enjoy the thrill of acceleration. E220d’s diesel engine provides impressive torque, translating into a quicker 0-60 acceleration and greater fuel efficiency. If you’re someone who values performance and economy, the E220d might just be your ideal choice.

Mercedes E200 Vs. E220d

To give your Mercedes E200 or E220d a little extra power, RaceChip has a great solution. Their Plug & Drive tuning box systems make it easy to improve your car’s performance without needing special skills or tools. In fact, with their model-specific installation instructions, you can easily install the RaceChip on your own.

Mercedes E200 Vs. E220d

What’s particularly exciting about RaceChip is the substantial power gains they offer. With a RaceChip installed, you can potentially unleash up to 52 additional horsepower and 85 more Newton meters of torque in your Mercedes E200. This means not only an impressive acceleration but also an overall enhanced driving experience.

RaceChip designed for the E220d can also increase horsepower by as much as 30 and torque by 100 Nm. The great part is that a RaceChip is way cheaper than the upgrade from an E200 to an E300!


To conclude Mercedes E200 Vs. E220d, the Mercedes E200 offers a smooth and refined petrol engine for those who enjoy responsive acceleration and a quieter driving experience. But if we talk about the E220d, it provides an efficient diesel engine with impressive fuel economy, making it an ideal choice for long-distance commuters or those seeking to reduce their carbon footprint. Best of luck with your decision!


Does The Mercedes E200 Or E220d Have A Renault Engine?

Some Mercedes models come with a Renault engine, while the Mercedes E200 and E220d have authentic Mercedes engines.

Which Mercedes E-class engine is best?

E220 d model with its four-cylinder 2.0-litre diesel engine is undoubtedly a top pick, offering an impressive official fuel efficiency of 53.3mpg.

Are there any significant differences in maintenance costs between these two models?

The E220d might have slightly higher maintenance costs because it needs specific diesel servicing. But the E200, which runs on petrol, may have lower ongoing maintenance expenses.

Which model would be best for city driving versus long-distance travel?

City driving with lots of stopping and starting is better with the smooth E200 petrol car. But for long trips with high mileage, the efficient E220d diesel car could be a good choice.

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