Master Your BMW

Master Your BMW| Top 20 Tips And 9 Hidden Features (2023)

Are you proud of owning a BMW? If it’s your first luxury vehicle or if you’ve been driving one for years, there are always hidden features and tips to uncover that can improve your driving experience.

Our team will guide you with 20 Tips And 9 Hidden Features to Master Your BMW. Increase your confidence on the road by discovering insider secrets that apply to both long-time BMW owners and those who have just purchased a new one. Master advanced driving techniques and uncover hidden shortcuts within the iDrive system.

Prepare yourself, grab a snack that is hygienic, and let’s embark on this exciting journey!

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20 Tips to Master Your BMW:

Maximize the performance of your BMW by implementing these 20 practical tips!

1. Create Shortcuts In The IDrive System

iDrive system in BMW vehicles is truly the nerve center of the whole driving experience. It’s where you can access a plethora of features and settings that enhance your driving comfort and convenience.

To have a smoother iDrive experience, try making shortcuts for the menus you use the most. Imagine effortlessly accessing your home address with a quick touch or voice command. This shortcut feature makes getting directions back home effortless, especially after a long day at work or during a road trip when you’re tired. One other way to utilize shortcuts is by creating presets for your favorite radio stations.

Creating shortcuts in your BMW’s iDrive system is a breeze. All you need to do is locate the preset shortcut buttons on your center console, which are conveniently labeled as 1-8. These buttons serve as a quick and easy way to access your favorite menu options without having to navigate through multiple screens.

Master Your BMW

To create a shortcut and link one of these buttons to a feature in the iDrive system, follow these steps:

  • Use the iDrive controller wheel or touch screen to find the menu you want to create a shortcut for.
  • Press and hold one of the 1-8 buttons for three seconds.
  • A shortcut will be created to your desired iDrive feature or menu.
  • To access that feature or page in the future, simply press the shortcut button once.

To assign a new preset for a 1-8 button, simply follow the same process mentioned earlier. You can also clear all presets by pressing buttons 1 and 8 together.

2. Use ‘Auto H’ To Automatically Hold Your Brakes

Few things are more irritating than stop-and-go traffic or trying to prevent your car from rolling back on a hill when the light is red. Thankfully, modern technology has come to our rescue with the Auto Hold button. This nifty feature takes away the need for constant footwork on the brake pedal, allowing you to relax and enjoy even the most challenging driving situations.

This clever feature automatically keeps your vehicle’s brakes engaged when you come to a stop, all with the push of a button. That means no more leg strain from constantly switching between pedals or feeling anxious that your car might roll backward unexpectedly.

3. Reset The BMW Trip Computer By Holding Down ‘BC’ On The Left Blinker Stalk

Locating the trip reset button on your BMW’s dashboard can be quite puzzling. It often leaves owners confused as to its where abouts. The truth is, there is no trip reset button on the dashboard. But fear not, because resetting the trip computer on your BMW is actually quite simple.

To reset the trip odometer, all you have to do is press and hold the BC button located on the left blinker stalk. It may take a few seconds for the magic to happen, but soon enough, you’ll notice that your trip odometer has been set back to zero. It’s like starting fresh with every journey you embark on.

4. Check The Side Of Your Gas Cap Using The Fuel Gauge Arrow

We’ve all experienced that moment of confusion when we pull into a gas station and can’t remember which side our gas cap is on.

Master Your BMW

But fear not, because there’s a simple solution: just look for the tiny arrow on your fuel gauge!

5. Properly Set Up And Customize Your BMW’s IDrive System

BMW iDrive system is all about making driving personalized and efficient. You can customize and optimize your driving experience based on what you like and the current conditions.

Master Your BMW

The iDrive system has got you covered whether you’re in city traffic or on an open highway adventure. With customizable driving modes, it’s easy to optimize your BMW for different situations.

6. Put Your Fuel Cap In Its Holder When Filling Up The Car

Filling up your car can feel boring, but BMW has cleverly made a holder just for your gas cap. This means no more scratches on your paint. It may sound simple, but these little details can really matter when it comes to owning a car.

Master Your BMW

7. Change Your Cruise Control In 1 Mph Or 5 Mph Increments

Cruise control is undoubtedly a lifesaver during those long, monotonous drives. But did you know that this handy feature also allows you to fine-tune your speed with incredible precision?

You have to simply push the cruise control button gently for minute 1 mph adjustments or give it a firm nudge to quickly change the speed by 5 mph at a time.

The next time you go on a long road trip or even just drive across town, remember this little secret about cruise control. It will make your drive smoother, save you money, and reduce stress.

8. Use Premium Gas Instead Of Regular Gas

Feeding your BMW regular gas may seem like a cost-effective choice, but it’s important to understand the consequences of this decision. Just like a racehorse won’t perform at its best with cheap hay, your BMW won’t showcase its true power and potential without premium fuel. Opting for regular gas may save you a few dollars at the pump, but in the long run, it can cost you in terms of engine performance and overall lifespan.

Your Bimmer is a machine designed for greatness; treat it accordingly, and relish in its full potential on every road trip or daily commute.

9. Code Your BMW To Enable Additional Features Or Modify Existing Ones

Prepare yourself to explore the realm of secret codes and concealed features in your BMW with Carly. You now have the thrilling chance to become a super-secret agent. With an OBD coding tool and the Carly app on your phone, you can unlock hidden or modify existing features in your car. It’s like having a secret mission where you get to personalize your BMW exactly as you want it.

Master Your BMW

Discover a range of remarkable functionalities that you can integrate into your BMW, such as:

  • Auto start stop is disabled by default.
  • Mirrors fold automatically when the car is locked.
  • Air conditioning has a memory feature enabled.
  • Brightness of BMW’s angel eyes can be adjusted.
  • Window open and close buttons remain enabled after opening the door.
  • Digital speed display can be turned on.
  • Several other features are also available.

10. Use The USB-C Instead Of The USB-A Port To Charge Your Phone Much Faster

When your phone is running out of battery, time becomes crucial. You hurry to find a charging port to bring it back to life. Before you grab that old USB-A port, think about using the USB-C port in your BMW for a more efficient solution. In recent years, USB-C has revolutionized the charging game with its faster charging capabilities.

11. Perform Regular Maintenance For Peak Performance

Regular maintenance is not just important; it’s essential to the longevity of your BMW. Just like any high-performance machine, your BMW requires special care and attention to continue running smoothly. To avoid expensive repairs later on and keep your car in great condition, make sure to stick to your scheduled service appointments. This will help maintain the optimal performance of every part in your BMW.

12. Learn About The Temperature Dial Between The Center Vents

Master Your BMW

We often take the little temperature dial on our car’s dashboard for granted, thinking it’s just another piece of decoration or an insignificant control. This dial may not seem important, but it actually has a big impact on the temperature of the air that comes out of our center vents. It allows us to have precise control over the temperature without affecting our AC settings.

13. Use The Rear Window Defroster If Your BMW Does Not Have A Rear Wiper

One of the little inconveniences that some BMW owners face is not having a rear windshield wiper. It can be quite frustrating, especially during rainy days when your visibility is already compromised. But fear not! There’s a simple trick that can save the day – just turn on the rear window defroster button.

The rear window defroster not only removes frost but also helps keep your rear windshield clear during rainstorms.

14. Use Active PDC Braking Intervention

Parking in tight spaces can be a daunting task, especially when you’re driving a larger vehicle or have limited visibility. BMW owners can feel relieved knowing that Active PDC braking intervention is there to help them. This innovative feature takes the stress out of parking by automatically applying the brakes if necessary, preventing any potential collisions.

Master Your BMW

Active PDC with Braking Intervention uses high-tech sensors and radar to find obstacles around your BMW and measure the space between your car and other vehicles or objects. If it detects that you’re getting too near an obstacle while parking, it will apply emergency brakes on the back and sides of your vehicle.

15. Regularly Check Your Tire Pressure

Properly maintaining the tire pressures on your BMW is not just a matter of convenience; it can significantly impact your driving experience. Properly inflated tires give you the best grip on the road, making your ride smooth and safe. This becomes even more crucial when you have a performance-oriented vehicle like a BMW, where every corner and acceleration demand precision.

16. Check If You Have A Heated Steering Wheel

As a proud owner of a BMW, you may be curious about whether your car has the added luxury of a heated steering wheel. It’s a feature that can make those cold winter mornings much more bearable and comfortable. But did you know that the heated steering wheel button on some BMW models is hidden on the side of your steering column?

Simply feeling around the sides of your steering column could reveal a small button that controls the heating function. Pressing it will activate the heated elements embedded within the steering wheel, providing warmth to your hands and enhancing your driving experience.

17. Use BMW’s Voice Commands

If not, you might be astonished by the multitude of features it possesses!

Give these commands a try:

  • Please Adjust  thetemperature to 68 F
  • Please Activate the heated seats
  • Please Lower the windows
  • Please Switch the driving mode to sport

18. Press The Phone Button To Hang Up Your Voice Call

Master Your BMW

Many of us have experienced this scenario: driving and talking on the phone using our car’s Bluetooth. But when we want to hang up, it’s a struggle to find the small end call button on the touchscreen. It can be frustrating and, quite frankly, dangerous.

But did you know that there’s an easier way to hang up without taking your eyes off the road? Simply press the phone button on your steering wheel to end the call! It’s a simple yet genius feature that many drivers overlook.

19. Regularly Clean Your BMW

Master Your BMW

Washing and taking care of your BMW on a regular basis is important for more than just its appearance – there’s more to it than meets the eye. It plays a significant role in maintaining its resale value as well. Think about it, when you’re shopping for a used car, wouldn’t you be more inclined to choose the one that looks well taken care of? Of course, you would.

Regularly washing and detailing your BMW demonstrates to potential buyers that you have taken good care of it and they can expect a top-notch vehicle.

20. Automatically Put The Transmission In ‘Park’ By Turning Off The Car

Master Your BMW

This nifty feature is not only convenient but also provides peace of mind, especially for those of us who tend to be a little absent-minded. Imagine you’re running late, rushing out of your car without even realizing if it’s in park or not. You don’t have to worry with this automatic shift into Park feature. It’s like having your own personal valet to handle all the boring stuff for you.

If your automatic transmission is set to sport or manual mode and you press the Park button, the gear lever will automatically return to the central position. This may seem like a small detail, but it’s a thoughtful addition that can make a big difference in your day-to-day driving experience.

9 Hidden Features to Master your BMW Vehicles:

Brace yourself for these 9 hidden features to master your BMW driving experience, injecting convenience, delight, and a dash of wizardry into every ordinary journey you embark upon.

1. Open Or Close All Windows Automatically With Your Key Fob

Using your BMW key fob to control the windows may seem like a simple convenience, but it offers a handful of benefits that many owners may not be aware of. Imagine being able to quickly open all the windows in your car with just a push of a button on your key fob. This feature is really useful for getting some fresh air or cooling down your car before you get in. Alright, let me break it down for you:

Open Or Close All Windows Automatically With Your Key Fob
  • Press and hold Unlock to open all windows (and sunroof if applicable).
  • Press and hold Lock or BMW to close all windows (and sunroof if applicable).

2. Hidden Features When Switching Gears In Manual Mode

We should discuss some lesser-known aspects of your automatic transmission. This is important information for fans of the Manual mode on your BMW’s automatic transmission! Discover these fantastic hidden features that will enhance your BMW’s Manual mode experience:

 Switching Gears In Manual Mode
  • Switch to Manual without the gear lever: Click one of the shifter paddles to switch to Manual mode.
  • Return to Drive manually: Press and hold the right paddle (upshift) to switch back to Drive.
  • Switch to the most economical gear in Manual mode: Hold the right paddle (upshift) while in Manual mode for automatic shifting to the lowest gear.
  • Switch to the highest gear in Manual mode: Press and hold the right paddle (upshift) to automatically shift up into the most powerful gear.This will help you reach your engine’s optimal RPM range.
  • Downshift without using your pedals: Quickly blip your gas pedal to downshift one or two gears.Your BMW will respond by shifting down without the need for paddle shifting or pressing any pedals.

3. Close Your Trunk From Inside The Car

Many people experience that sinking feeling when they pull away from their driveway and suddenly remember that they left their trunk wide open. Well, if you own a BMW with an automatic opening trunk feature, fret no more!

Close Your Trunk From Inside The Car

This genius invention allows you to close your trunk from the comfort of the driver’s seat. Simply grab hold of the button usually used for opening the trunk and hold it up. And voila! The trunk starts closing itself seamlessly.

4. Start Your BMW From Your Key Fob Or The BMW App

Remote start technology has revolutionized the way we interact with our vehicles, and BMW is at the forefront of this innovation. Many people may not be aware that certain BMW models come equipped with remote start capabilities, which can be activated using either your key fob or the convenient BMW app. Make your car come to life by pressing the lock button three times.

Enjoy a comfortable ride with remote start, which ensures your BMW’s cabin is pre-cooled or pre-heated whenever you step inside.

5. Use BMW’s Launch Control

BMW’s Launch Control feature will give you a taste of that adrenaline rush. With just a few simple steps, you can activate this powerful feature and unleash your BMW’s full potential.

Activating the Launch Control is as easy as pressing the traction control button once, then pushing the brake pedal all the way down while flooring the gas pedal. As soon as you release the brake, get ready to hold on tight as your BMW revs up and holds the perfect RPM, itching for lift-off.

6. Let The Passenger Side Mirror Pivot Down Automatically When In Reverse

Your passenger side mirror will pivot automatically when you’re in reverse, making parallel parking easier. This allows you to see the curb clearly and avoid any embarrassing scrapes or dings. To enable this feature, just make sure your mirror adjuster button is set to the driver’s side.

Make sure the mirror adjuster button in your left-hand drive car is set to the left. This will make your passenger side mirror tilt downwards automatically when you reverse.

7. Use Gesture Control Shortcuts

Your BMW can respond to certain gestures when you use the gesture control sensor in front of the infotainment screen. Need to increase the volume or answer a call? Simply rotate your finger or point as if you were casting a spell.

8. Turn On Heated Seats Automatically

BMW has a cool new feature that makes you even more comfortable. Just go to the Climate Control menu and look for something called Climate Control Rules. This clever tool allows you to set individual conditions, including when the weather dips below a specific temperature, for seat heating activation.

No longer will you need to fumble with buttons or scroll through menus; your BMW will automatically ensure that you are warm and cozy whenever cold weather strikes.

9. Turn Off Automatic Interior Lighting

We all know that feeling of wanting to unwind and enjoy a moment of peace and quiet, especially when we’re in our cars. But sometimes, the automatic interior lighting can ruin that tranquility. The last thing you want is for the lights inside your BMW to stay on, disrupting the soothing darkness.

All you have to do is open your car door and locate the main light on-off button. Give it a gentle press until the interior lights turn off, and voila! Now you can relax in your BMW without any unwanted illumination disturbing your serene atmosphere.


By using these 20 Tips And 9 Hidden Features to Master Your BMW, you can improve your driving experience and get the most out of owning a BMW. You’ll learn how to make your car more fuel-efficient, enhance its performance, customize its settings, and discover advanced safety features. There’s a lot of valuable information here for you to explore. Make sure to get to know your BMW’s capabilities and try out different settings. Enjoy the perks of owning a luxury car that offers both comfort and excitement. Begin exploring all that your BMW can do today!

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FAQs About 20 Tips And 9 Hidden Features to Master Your BMW

How Do I Get To BMW’s Secret Menu?

To access the hidden menu in a BMW, just press and hold the trip reset button on the instrument cluster. After a few seconds, a secret menu will appear on the display. Navigate through the options by briefly pressing the trip reset button to move forward or holding it down to make a selection.

What Is BMW Launch Control?

BMW launch control is a cool feature that lets you go really fast from a stop. It takes care of everything, like how much power the engine gives, how well the car sticks to the road, and how smoothly the gears shift. This makes sure you take off quickly and smoothly.

What Is The Hidden Function On The BMW Light Switch?

The BMW light switch has a secret feature called auto mode. In this mode, the headlights will turn on or off by themselves depending on how bright or dark it is outside. The car’s sensors will decide when it’s time to turn the headlights on and when to switch them off.

Does BMW Have A Hidden Key?

BMW includes a secret key within the key fob for emergency situations. By pressing the release button at the back of the fob, you can retrieve the metal key. This key serves as a backup to manually unlock the driver’s door when either the key fob’s battery or the car’s battery is depleted, ensuring that you can still access your vehicle even if the keyless entry system is not operational.