Jeep Grand Cherokee years to avoid

Jeep Grand Cherokee Years to Avoid: A Buyer’s Guide

Driving a Jeep Grand Cherokee gives an unmatched excitement. Its rugged appeal, smooth design and strong performance make it popular among off-road fans and city dwellers. But, some models are different. Some years have shown to be more reliable than others. 

This article will examine the top 5 Jeep Grand Cherokee years to avoid and best years for the Jeep Grand Cherokee production. This information can help you make an intelligent choice for your next buy.

5 Best Jeep Grand Cherokee Years

Here is the list of five best Jeep Grand Cherokee years.


Jeep Grand Cherokee years to avoid

The 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee is exceptional. It performs well, has a luxury feel, and comes with top-notch tech features. You’ll find the Uconnect infotainment system user-friendly. Plus, it includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for easy phone use in the car. This makes it an excellent pick for people who love technology and want to stay connected on the go. 

Thanks to its many trims and packages, you can personalize this car according to your needs. The Grand Cherokee can be a comfortable family SUV or a rugged off-roader. There’s likely a model that suits you perfectly. It’s also more reliable than older models, meaning you’ll face fewer problems over time. This boosts your enjoyment of owning this car.


The 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee is a fantastic car. It’s both luxurious and rugged. You’ll find a top-notch interior that makes city driving cozy. The powerful engine options make it great for off-road driving, too. It has tech features that are simple to use, like an 8.4-inch touchscreen, navigation, and smartphone integration. These features improve your drive by giving you quick access to essential details.

This model also puts safety first with its driver-help technologies. Adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring, and forward-collision warning lessen accident chances and boost driver confidence. The Trailhawk trim of the 2019 Grand Cherokee adds even more versatility by being great for off-road driving. This makes it a top pick for those who love adventurous drives and regular city commutes.


Jeep Grand Cherokee years to avoid

The 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee is a great SUV. Many types of drivers can use it. You will enjoy a smooth ride and powerful engines. You can drive it in the city or take it on off-road trips. The Uconnect infotainment system lets you play your favourite songs and use navigation apps. It works with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, too.

Safety is a big plus for this model. It has rear parking sensors, blind-spot monitors, and forward-collision warning systems. These features make driving safer for everyone in the car. The 2017 model is reliable, and owners are happy with it. This shows that it’s a good choice among SUVs. All these things – comfort, power, safety, and reliability – make the 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee a top pick if you want an all-around great SUV.


The 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee is an excellent choice for people who want comfort and the ability to go off-road. It has four different engines you can choose from, one of which is a diesel option that saves on fuel. The inside of the car is made with high-quality materials and has an easy-to-use touchscreen system. 

This makes driving, even on long trips, a pleasure. The car has advanced safety features like adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring, and forward-collision warning. This makes it a safe option for families or anyone who values safety in a car. 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee is also known for being dependable, which adds to its appeal.


Jeep Grand Cherokee years to avoid

The 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee is better than the older models. It is easy to drive and feels comfortable. The inside looks fancy. You can pick from two strong engines based on what you need for power and gas-saving. The system for music and maps is simple to use, making driving more fun and less complicated. 

There’s a lot of room for people, so it’s suitable for families or people who travel in groups. Some of the first cars had problems, but they fixed them in the newer ones. This makes the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee a dependable choice for an SUV.

5 Jeep Grand Cherokee Years To Avoid

Here we have shortlisted top 5 Jeep Grand Cherokee years to avoid.

2011 (early production units)

The 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee had some problems when it first came out. One big issue was the TIPM. It caused stalls and electrical issues that could be dangerous. This alone might make people think twice about buying an early 2011 model. 

There were also issues with the air suspension system that could affect how the car drives and feels. It’s a good idea for buyers to look at later 2011 models or even cars from later years. These models have fewer problems because they’ve been fixed and improved over time. Always research and get a pre-purchase check before buying any used car.


Jeep Grand Cherokee years to avoid

The 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee had many problems. Lots of owners reported these issues. One big problem was with the transmission. It could cause significant driving problems and expensive fixes. Shifting gears was rugged, and they often needed to have done better.

 There were also electrical system failures that made things worse for owners. Door locks, windows, and inside lights caused trouble. These weren’t just annoying – they were safety risks, too. Engine problems made everything even worse, making this model unreliable. Because of all these serious issues, it’s better not to buy the 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee model.


The 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee is known for having many mechanical and electrical problems. The engine and transmission systems often have issues. Problems like stalling, misfires, using a lot of oil, rough gear changes, slipping gears and even total system failure are common. Fixing these can cost more than the car is worth. 

There are also problems with the power windows, door locks, and air conditioning system. These problems can be annoying and cost extra to fix. Because there are so many potential issues with this car model year that happen often, it’s a good idea only to buy a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee if you’re ready for extensive maintenance and repair costs.


The 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee has many significant problems. The engine can overheat, leak oil, or have piston skirt failures. These issues can lead to expensive fixes and danger while driving. The transmission can shift unpredictably or stop working altogether. 

This also leads to high repair costs and risky driving situations. There are also brake issues, like warped rotors and early wear and tear. These problems put your safety at risk and mean you have to fix your car more often. Because of all these problems, it’s best for people considering buying this car to avoid it unless they’re ready for these possible issues.


Jeep Grand Cherokee years to avoid

The 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee is known for having mechanical problems. The transmission and electrical systems often need to be fixed. These faults can cause expensive fixes and make the car unreliable. Owners might find this annoying. The car’s transmission can have issues like slow gear shifting or slipping gears. This can make the vehicle unsafe to drive. Electrical issues might mean power windows, door locks, or dashboard gauges don’t work correctly. 

This can be inconvenient. There are also problems with the suspension system on this model. Parts wear out too quickly, and the ride could be smoother. These issues can make driving uncomfortable and lead to more repair costs. Because of these common problems, thinking about other cars is a good idea if you want something reliable. All used cars have unique issues, but the 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee has more than most.

Which Jeep Grand Cherokee Generation Should You Buy?

The fourth-generation Jeep Grand Cherokee is a great choice. It’s better than older models in many ways. From 2011 to 2021, these models provide a smoother drive. This is thanks to better ride quality and handling. They also use less fuel, which matters a lot to many people. 

The technology in these cars is top-notch, too. They have high-tech entertainment systems and safety features that older models didn’t have or could have been better. The off-road performance of this generation’s Grand Cherokee is also excellent. All these reasons make it the best option for most people.

What Year Is The Most Reliable Jeep?

The 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee is a trusted model. People love it for its strong performance, smooth ride, and top-notch safety features. The car’s strength and long-lasting build make it great for everyday and off-road trips. 

Jeep Grand Cherokee years to avoid

Many customer reports and reviews say the 2020 Grand Cherokee has fewer problems than other models or older versions. This means fewer mechanical issues or recalls, which helps its reputation for being dependable. It also has powerful engine choices and a quality inside look, making it popular among people wanting a trustworthy SUV.

Most Common Problems With Jeep Grand Cherokees

Here we have listed some common problems with Jeep Grand Cherokees.

TIPM Issues

Specific car models have faced issues due to the Totally Integrated Power Module (TIPM). This can lead to several electrical problems and even make the car stall. It’s a big problem because it impacts the car’s performance and safety. 

The usual solution is to change out the broken TIPM. It’s best to get this done at an official dealership. That way, you know the new TIPM will be set up correctly and work well with your car’s system. Once you’ve got a new TIPM, any electrical problems should be fixed. This will make your car run better and be safer, too.

Transmission Problems

Fixing transmission issues depends on how bad they are and what’s causing them. You might notice your car shifting gears roughly or slipping gears. This can happen for many reasons, like insufficient transmission fluid, old parts, or a software glitch. One way to fix the problem might be a transmission flush. 

Jeep Grand Cherokee years to avoid

This means removing the old fluid and creating a new, clean one. Cars that have computer-controlled transmissions can sometimes have shifting problems, too. Updating the software can often fix this problem. But sometimes, the problem could be better because the inside parts are broken or very old. In these cases, you might need to replace the whole transmission system. It’s always a good idea to talk to a professional mechanic who can figure out precisely what’s wrong with your car and fix it properly.


Your Jeep Grand Cherokee might get too hot because of a bad thermostat or water pump. Both parts are essential for keeping your car cool. The thermostat controls how much coolant goes into the engine based on temperature. 

The water pump moves this coolant around the engine and radiator. The best fix is to change these parts when they’re not working right. It would help if you got a good mechanic to find out what’s wrong before changing anything to save money. Regular check-ups can also spot problems early and stop your car from getting too hot before it happens.

Oil Leaks

Jeep Grand Cherokee years to avoid

Oil leaks may happen in different parts of a car. The valve cover gaskets, oil pan, and rear main seal are often the culprits. These spots are known for leaking oil. A skilled mechanic usually changes out the faulty gaskets or seals to fix this. It’s crucial to tackle this problem quickly. Ignoring it can lead to more significant issues like an overheated engine or fire risk. Regular check-ups and upkeep of your car can stop these problems from happening at all.

Suspension problems

Suspension issues like early component wear and poor ride quality can be a real headache. The key to solving these problems is regular upkeep. Check your suspension system often to spot any wear or damage early. This way, you can fix the issue before it worsens and causes more severe problems. It’s also crucial to replace worn parts as soon as they show signs of wear for a smooth ride. Choosing better aftermarket parts over the original ones can significantly boost your vehicle’s performance and lifespan.

Electrical Issues

Specific models can have problems with power windows, door locks and dashboard gauges because of electrical issues. Different reasons can cause these troubles. It could be due to wrong parts, faulty wiring or software bugs. The easiest solution is to change the broken parts or wires. This will fix the problem when it’s related to hardware.

Brake Issues

Brake problems can hurt your car’s performance. Warped rotors and early wear are typical troubles. Too much heat from braking often causes these issues. It can make the rotor warp or wear out too soon. Regular check-ups for your brakes help avoid these problems. 

It would help if you regularly looked at brake pads and rotors for damage or wear signs. When needed, replace them. Rotors may need smoothing if they are warped but not severely damaged. This process is called resurfacing. But, when rotors are too worn out or damaged, you must replace them.

Fuel Pump Failure

Jeep Grand Cherokee years to avoid

Specific car models might face fuel pump problems. This can make the car stop or not start. Often, this happens because of age or sometimes due to factory faults. The best fix is to swap the wrong fuel pump for a new one. A skilled mechanic should do this job to make sure it’s done right and safely.

How Many Miles Will A Jeep Grand Cherokee Last?

A Jeep Grand Cherokee in reasonable condition can reach over 200,000 miles with no problem. The secret to this long life is regular upkeep. This means changing the oil often, swapping out air filters, rotating the tires and checking fluid levels. Doing these things helps the car run well and use fuel efficiently.

Closest Competitors To The Jeep Grand Cherokee

Here are few of the closest competitors to the Jeep Grand Cherokee

Ford Explorer

The Ford Explorer is a favorite among midsize SUVs. It gives a smooth ride and comes packed with high-tech features. Its design boasts an attractive inside and outside look, making it perfect for those who love style and function. The roomy interior of this vehicle is excellent for families or anyone needing extra storage space.

Toyota 4Runner

Toyota 4Runner

The Toyota 4Runner is a favorite for those who love off-roading. Its robust and separate body and frame make it challenging and stable, even on rough ground. It’s high off the ground, too, which helps it handle off-road conditions well. Over time, the 4Runner has proven to be reliable. It’s famous for lasting long and running well after many miles.

Honda Passport

This midsize SUV is extensive and flexible, perfect for a comfy trip. There’s plenty of space for people and stuff. That’s great for families or anyone moving big things often. The seats are made to keep you comfy, even on long trips. The Honda Passport has cool tech features, too. You can use a touchscreen for entertainment, connect your smartphone, and get help from advanced driving systems.

Chevrolet Blazer

Chevrolet Blazer

This midsize SUV is genuinely fashionable. It has a cozy inside and handy controls, perfect for town rides and extended journeys. Its daring and elegant design makes it stand out from similar vehicles.

Nissan Murano

It is indeed a comfortable and well-equipped midsize SUV. It provides a smooth and enjoyable ride experience due to its robust V6 engine and continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT). The interior is spacious with high-quality materials, providing ample passenger space and is ideal for families or long road trips.

How Long Do The Transmissions Normally Last On These Models?

The transmissions in Jeep Grand Cherokees are made to work for about 100,000 to 150,000 miles. Good care can help them last this long. But many things can change how long they stay. This includes how you drive and the type of roads you drive on. Good car care also matters a lot. Some Jeep Grand Cherokees have had problems with their transmissions failing too soon. This problem is more common in some years than others.

What Years Did Jeep Grand Cherokee Have Transmission Problems?

Models of Jeep Grand Cherokee from 1995, 1999, 2002, and 2005 often come with significant transmission issues. These can vary from not shifting gears right to total breakdown. This can lead to expensive fixes or even needing a new transmission. 

Before buying a used Jeep Grand Cherokee from these times, look at its past care records. See if there were any fixes or changes made to the transmission. It’s also a good idea to get a mechanic you trust to look at the car before you buy it.

What Is The Average Cost Of Ownership For A Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Buying a Jeep Grand Cherokee isn’t just about the initial price tag. You’ve got to think about other costs too. Things like how much it depreciates, insurance, gas, upkeep, and repairs all play a role. Kelley Blue Book says that for a 2020 model, you’ll spend around $45,000 over five years. 

This could change depending on where you live, how much you use your car, and what model you choose. So when planning your new car’s budget, remember these extra costs. The first payment might seem doable, but remember, these costs keep coming and can pile up as time goes on.

How Does The Jeep Grand Cherokee Perform In Crash Tests?

The 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee did well in most crash tests, but some areas need improvement. The IIHS gave it the best score in many categories. But, it could have done better in the small overlap front test on the driver’s side. This means there might be safety issues during inevitable crashes. 

The NHTSA gave it a 4-star safety rating overall, meaning it’s generally safe. It did exceptionally well inside crash tests and got a perfect 5-star rating there. But its 3-star rollover test score shows potential stability problems during some accidents or maneuvers.

How Does The Jeep Grand Cherokee Perform Off-Road?

People know the Jeep Grand Cherokee, especially the Trailhawk models, for being great at off-roading. The Quadra-Drive II four-wheel drive gives it much control and grip, even on tricky ground. This system ensures power goes to the wheels that need it most, so it performs well on rocks, mud or slippery floors. The Quadra-Lift air suspension can change how high off the ground the car is. This can be handy on a rough basis or when you need more space under the car. 

What Kind Of Towing Capacity Does The Jeep Grand Cherokee Have?

The Jeep Grand Cherokee has an impressive towing capacity. This can change based on the engine and drivetrain setup. Models with the standard V6 engine can tow up to 6,200 pounds. Models with available V8 engines can tow more – between 7,200 and 7,400 pounds. The Jeep Grand Cherokee shows strong abilities when set up right for towing. It holds its own in its class.


The Jeep Grand Cherokee is known for its excellent off-road skills and cozy inside. But, some years have had a lot of problems. The 2011, 2014, and 2015 models are Jeep Grand Cherokee years to avoid because they have serious engine, transmission, and electrical issues. Do your research well and look at more trustworthy years. It’s critical to check that any car you’re considering buying has been looked after correctly and has a clear record. Remember that buying a car isn’t just about the vehicle itself; it’s also about feeling safe on future trips.


Are there certain years of the Jeep Grand Cherokee that are considered more reliable than others?

More recent models from years like 2020 and onwards are generally considered more reliable based on customer reviews.

Is it common for all Jeeps to have these kinds of problems or just specific years of Grand Cherokees?

Some issues may occur across various types of Jeeps due to shared parts or design features, most problems listed here are specific to certain model years of the Grand Cherokee.