Flowmaster Muffler Chart

Flowmaster Muffler Chart: Everything You Need To Know| easy guide

Every car has a muffler in its exhaust system. This part doesn’t just release the gases from combustion; its main job is to make the engine quieter. Picking the perfect mufflers can be challenging because there are many different kinds and models. 

As a result, you need to spend a reasonable amount of time and thought to make the best decision. This article ‘Flowmaster Muffler Chart‘ will give you all the information you require. We’ve simplified the content for your convenience. It’s your ultimate guide, giving tips on choosing the right exhaust system for your powerful car.

Flowmaster Muffler Chart (The Loudest Flowmaster Muffler)

We have shortlisted some of the Loudest Flowmaster Mufflers below.

Flowmaster Outlaw

The Flowmaster Outlaw may not be your go-to for a calm, everyday drive. This particular exhaust pipe isn’t made for regular street use. It’s built to boost performance by increasing horsepower and the overall power of your vehicle when racing or off-roading; its loud sound becomes a plus point rather than an annoyance. 

Flowmaster Muffler Chart

The bold noise it makes shows off the strength and speed of your car. The Flowmaster Outlaw’s unique straight hollow shape and fiberglass cover make it stand out. This means that while it allows sound waves to leave freely with exhaust gases (making them louder), it also absorbs some of these waves, improving noise control and performance. 

Its cost usually ranges from $100-$120, not including setup. Some stores may have a slight price variation. But considering the significant boost it can provide to your ride’s performance, particularly during races or off-roading, it’s a good value for money.

Flowmaster Super 44

The Flowmaster Super 44 is a fantastic muffler that can boost your car’s sound. It has a unique, deep tone that’s quiet but still makes a statement. What’s cool about it is how it uses steel plates to create this resonant sound. 

Flowmaster Muffler Chart

This sound is resonant. Best of all, this muffler doesn’t give up adaptability or function to be cost-effective and legal. It’s easy on the pocket, costing around $75 to $95. It also performs well for various driving styles, including racing and off-roading.

The Super 44 also meets specific rules and regulations, making it legal to use in many places, especially on public roads. It produces roars within the allowed noise levels in these areas. This means you can enjoy thrilling drives without worrying about breaking any laws!

Flowmaster Super 10

Flowmaster Muffler Chart

The Flowmaster Super 10 stands out in the car exhaust system market because of its unique design. It uses a simple steel-plate structure and is made to make a loud sound, not quiet it down. Its sound is similar to powerful race cars, which car lovers find exciting. But this bold noise might be best for off-road use or racing to prevent attracting too much street attention.

You can buy this noisy beast for between $70 and $90, but fitting it might cost an extra $70 to $100, depending on the garage and type of vehicle. People who like their cars to be noisy adore the Flowmaster Super 10. Its loud sound might mess with traffic laws, but they don’t mind. They love it because it’s trustworthy and durable.

Flowmaster Super 40

Flowmaster’s Super 40 exhaust system stands out because of its unique build. It uses more steel plates and chambers than usual in its muffler, which significantly boosts its ability to silence sound. This muffler gives off a deep, bold sound that’s louder than most others, but it’s still soft enough not to be annoying. 

Flowmaster Muffler Chart

This careful balance shows how much thought went into making the product better for the user. You’ll pay more for this product, with prices usually between $100 and $150. The price is higher because making this product requires more work and materials. Still, the installation cost is the same as that of similar products. 

The Super 40 is also very versatile – you can use it for many different things like off-roading, racing, or driving around town daily. But remember that putting this on cars with big engines makes the exhaust sound louder – you should talk to a mechanic before you do it.

Hooker Aero Chamber Muffler

The Hooker Aero is a standout model among mufflers. It’s not just legal but also produces a robust sound. Remember to underestimate its power to improve your ride because it may not be as well-known as Flowmaster. This model has proven its ability to generate more torque and horsepower, often outperforming top-rated brands.

Flowmaster Muffler Chart

Hooker Aero also has an affordable price range of $90 to $110. You can easily find this muffler for sale on various online platforms at reasonable prices. So, choosing the Hooker Aero isn’t just about spending money; it’s about getting the most value for your buck.

It’s installation costs are also reasonable, usually between $70 and $100 when done by professional mechanics. This adds to its practicality and makes it perfect for daily city drives or exciting off-road adventures.

Flowmaster 50 Series Big Block Muffler

People don’t like making sacrifices regarding how their car performs. The Flowmaster 50 Large Block Muffler is perfect for this. It dramatically boosts the torque and horsepower while also reducing noise. This muffler makes your car sound quieter but more powerful at the same time. 

Flowmaster Muffler Chart

The 50 Series Large Block Muffler is legal on the streets, so you won’t get in trouble for being too loud. It might cost more (between $200-$250), but once you see how much it improves your car’s power and quietness, you’ll think it’s worth every penny! This is an excellent pick for a quieter, more satisfying drive!

How Are Flowmaster Mufflers Rated For Sound?

Flowmaster mufflers are excellent for drivers who want more than just function. They come in three different sound levels: Aggressive, Moderate, and Mild, appealing to all kinds of drivers. The Aggressive mufflers are loud and powerful, perfect for those who love the thrill of street racing. They make your car shake with intense vibrations, creating a thrilling noise that will pump your adrenaline.

The Moderate mufflers are quieter but still noticeable. They’re ideal for people who own trucks or cars with V6 or V8 engines. These mufflers make some noise outside but keep things calm inside the vehicle, allowing you to enjoy power without sacrificing peace.

The Mild category is for those who want a quieter experience but still appreciate Flowmaster’s unique sound. These mufflers reduce outside noise without removing the distinct sound choices they offer. You can add personality to your vehicle without disturbing its peacefulness. No matter what kind of driver you are – whether you like speed racing or taking in the scenery – Flowmaster has something for you in their range of mufflers.

Flowmaster Muffler Comparison

If you’re in the market for the ideal Flowmaster exhaust for your vehicle, considering your preferences and budget, the numerous choices can seem daunting. Don’t worry; we’re here to help simplify your choice. We’ve spotlighted three top-selling Flowmaster muffler types. Each of these is a trusted, top-notch item that we’ve sold a lot of. This brief guide could be handy to help you trim down your choices.

40 Series Original Mufflers

The Flowmaster exhaust system is known for its bold sound inside and outside the car. It creates a daring mix of music-like tones and pure strength. It’s not just another exhaust system but a unique sound that showcases the engine’s power. 

You can choose from many pipe sizes, materials, and designs, each delivering a powerful sound that car lovers will enjoy. The stainless steel used is durable and long-lasting, even in harsh conditions; you get a lifetime warranty with this high-quality exhaust system! Keep in mind, though, that the Flowmaster might only suit some. Its powerful noise can be thrilling but also intimidating!

Super 10 Series Delta Flow Mufflers

The Flowmaster 10 Series muffler is solid and stands out. It’s the most powerful model in the series, made of stainless steel and perfect for performance racing. This muffler creates loud, intense sounds and allows for quick transitions. 

Super 10 Series Delta Flow Mufflers

This design might be small with just one room, but it’s durable and functions effectively. It even comes with an unmatched lifetime warranty. This muffler is compact but still shows off its power. It uses a nearly open pipe style, which makes it very loud – a clear sign of how much horsepower it adds to your vehicle.

Super 44 Series Delta Flow Mufflers

Feel the thrill of top-notch performance with Flowmaster’s robust exhaust systems. They boost your muscle car or truck, making a bold impression everywhere you go. This system has features and delivers a deep, aggressive sound that won’t go unnoticed. 

It also provides improved exhaust flow, which performance enthusiasts find hard to resist. But the real magic lies not just in the thrilling sound. You’ll feel more power and torque because this top-notch Flowmaster item ensures ideal air flow.


To conclude the Flowmaster Muffler Chart, Flowmaster exhaust system is a top pick for powerful cars and trucks because of its robust build and excellent performance. The deep and bold sound it produces sounds great and boosts the vehicle’s overall performance. This system allows more exhaust flow, giving your vehicle more power and torque. This exhaust system is worth considering for those wanting a smooth ride with some added aggression. Try out the superior performance of the Flowmaster exhaust system today – it’s time to give your vehicle the power boost it deserves.


Can I use this chart to learn more about how different mufflers impact performance?

Yes! The Flowmaster Muffler Chart offers valuable insight into how different models affect overall vehicle performance.

How can the Flowmaster Chart help me?

This chart can help you compare various mufflers, understand their differences, and choose the right one for your vehicle based on its model and performance requirements.