Bolt Pattern For Nissan Titan

Bolt Pattern For Nissan Titan: A Complete Guide

The lug pattern of a vehicle determines the number of bolts on the wheel hub and their arrangement, and getting it right can make all the difference in achieving that perfect stance and functionality. 

Whether you’re eyeing aftermarket rims or simply seeking knowledge about your truck’s specifications, delving into the world of Nissan Titan lug patterns promises to unlock a realm of possibilities for personalising your ride. 

In this comprehensive guide to deciphering the bolt pattern for Nissan Titan through the world of lug patterns, where precision meets personalisation in perfect harmony!

What Is Nissan Titan Lug Pattern?

The Nissan Titan lug pattern refers to the arrangement of the lugs or bolt holes on the wheel hub that determines how the wheel is mounted onto the vehicle.  For the Nissan Titan, the lug pattern is typically 6×139.7, meaning six lugs are spaced 139.7mm apart in a circular pattern.

Understanding the Nissan Titan lug pattern is essential for selecting aftermarket wheels or spacers and ensuring that new wheels align correctly with the vehicle’s hub.

Awareness of this specification allows owners to explore a broader range of wheel options and customise their vehicles to suit their preferences and driving needs. 

With various styles and sizes available on the market, clearly understanding the Nissan Titan’s lug pattern opens up opportunities for personalisation while maintaining safety and performance standards.

Wheel Fitment Specifications Per Generation

The Nissan Titan, wheel fitment specifications vary across different generations, making it crucial for owners to understand the specific requirements for their model year. The first-generation Titan, which debuted in 2003, typically features a lug pattern of 6×139.7 or 6×5.5 inches. 

Bolt Pattern For Nissan Titan

Moving on to the second-generation Titan, introduced in 2016, there are notable differences in wheel fitment compared to its predecessor. 

With a lug pattern of 6×139.7 and potential variations depending on trim levels and packages, it’s essential for owners to verify the precise specifications before making any changes to their wheels.

These nuanced details can not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the Nissan Titan but also ensure optimal performance and safety on the road. 

Whether for off-roading adventures or urban commuting, being well-versed in wheel fitment specifications per generation empowers truck enthusiasts to make informed decisions that elevate their driving experience and showcase their unique style.


During 2004–2006, the Nissan Titan boasted a standard tire size that perfectly complemented its performance and handling. With a lug pattern designed for this rugged truck, drivers could customize their ride fully. 

This allowed for enhanced stability, traction, and overall driving experience, making it an ideal choice for both work and play.

The standard tire size of the Nissan Titan during this time period also contributed to its powerful presence on the road. Whether tackling rough terrain or cruising on the highway, these tires provide optimal grip and durability.


The 2007 Nissan Titan 5.6 packs a powerful punch with its 317-horsepower engine, making it a force to be reckoned with on the roads. This truck’s unparalleled performance allows drivers to confidently and easily tackle terrain. 

Whether hauling heavy loads or navigating through challenging off-road conditions, the Titan delivers exceptional power and capability that truly sets it apart from the competition.


The 2008-2015 Nissan Titan 5.6, with its robust 317 horsepower engine, has carved a niche for itself in the fiercely competitive truck market. What sets this powerhouse apart is its raw power, impressive towing capacity, and smooth handling. 

Whether hauling heavy loads or navigating challenging terrains, the Titan proves to be a reliable companion, earning the trust of drivers who demand performance and durability.


The 2017–2020 Nissan Titan 5.6i, with its impressive 390 horsepower, has been making waves in the truck market, offering an exhilarating driving experience and exceptional towing capacity. 

Its power, refined engineering, and thoughtful design set it apart. The V8 engine delivers smooth acceleration and a commanding presence on the road, reflecting Nissan’s commitment to performance and reliability.


The 2020–2022 Nissan Titan 5.6i, with its impressive 200-horsepower engine, represents a bold leap forward in pickup trucks. 

This powerhouse vehicle is designed to exceed expectations, from hauling heavy loads to navigating rough terrain. 

However, the innovative lug pattern truly sets it apart, which enhances stability and traction on diverse surfaces. This unique feature improves performance and ensures a smoother, more controlled driving experience.

What Wheels Fit A Nissan Titan?

Bolt Pattern For Nissan Titan

20×10 -24 Anthem Off-Road Gunner

The 20×10-24 Anthem Off-Road Gunner wheels are an impressive addition to any Nissan Titan, offering a combination of style and performance that is hard to beat. 

These wheels feature a sleek, aggressive design that commands attention both on and off the road. The -24 offset provides the perfect stance for a rugged yet refined look, making them a popular choice among truck enthusiasts.

When considering what wheels fit a Nissan Titan, the Anthem Off-Road Gunner is worth considering. 

Its larger size and bold styling give the Titan an intimidating presence while allowing for increased ground clearance, essential for tackling tough terrain.

BFGoodrich All-Terrain TA K02 35×12.50R20

The BFGoodrich All-Terrain TA K02 35 12.50R20 might be the perfect fit. These rugged tires boast a bold, aggressive tread design that provides exceptional off-road traction and performance in even the most challenging terrain. 

But don’t let their tough exterior fool you; these tires also deliver smooth, comfortable highway driving, making them a versatile choice for any adventure.

When finding the right wheels for your Nissan Titan, the BFGoodrich All-Terrain TA K02 35 12.50R20 offers style and substance. The 35-inch diameter and 12.50-inch width provide an impressive stance on the road while maintaining excellent clearance for off-roading. 

Whether you’re navigating mountain trails or hitting the open highway, these tires offer a balance of durability and versatility that make them a standout choice for any Nissan Titan owner looking to upgrade their ride. 

Anthem Off-Road Equalizers 22×14 -76

Anthem Off-Road Equalizers 22 14-76 wheels are the perfect choice for Nissan Titan owners looking to upgrade their vehicle’s performance and style. 

These wheels are designed with a unique -76 offset that provides an aggressive stance and a bold look that will turn heads on and off the road. 

The 22-inch diameter offers excellent clearance for larger brake callipers, making them a practical option for those seeking improved braking performance.

The durable construction of these wheels ensures reliability in demanding conditions while providing optimal weight distribution for smooth handling. These rims will undoubtedly make a statement, whether you’re hitting the trails or cruising through city streets.

Fury Off-Road Country Hunter MT 40×15.50R22LT (Load E)

If you’re considering upgrading your Nissan Titan’s wheels, the Fury Off-Road Country Hunter MT 40 15.50R22LT (Load E) is worth exploring. With its rugged and aggressive tread pattern, this tire is designed to handle the toughest off-road terrain with confidence and stability. 

The 15.50-inch width gives your vehicle an imposing stance and enhances its off-road capabilities, making it a suitable choice for enthusiasts seeking adrenaline-pumping adventures.

The strength, durability, and exceptional grip provided by the Fury Off-Road Country Hunter MT 40 make it a crucial component in transforming your Nissan Titan into a formidable off-road machine ready to conquer any trail easily.


Understanding the bolt pattern for Nissan Titan is crucial for ensuring compatibility with aftermarket wheels and achieving optimal performance. With the correct bolt pattern, truck owners can confidently select and install custom wheels that enhance their vehicle’s appearance and provide a safe and secure fit. 

Nissan Titan owners can confidently explore various wheel options to personalise their trucks while maintaining safety and functionality. Always consult a professional about bolt patterns or wheel fitting to ensure a smooth and successful upgrade process.


What is the bolt pattern for a 2005 Nissan Titan?

The bolt pattern for a 2005 Nissan Titan is 6×139.7 or 6×5.5 inches.

What size are the wheel studs on a Nissan Titan?

The wheel studs on a Nissan Titan are typically M12x1.25.