Best SUVs for Seniors

11 Best SUVs for Seniors: The Ultimate Guide

Looking for the perfect SUV to suit senior needs and lifestyles can be daunting, given the wide range of choices available. Don’t worry; we’ve done all the hard work for you! 

Welcome to our comprehensive guide – ’11 Best SUVs for Seniors‘. We’ve examined numerous models and handpicked only the best ones. These top picks ensure safety, comfort, and enjoyment on every journey.

The 11 Best Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) For Seniors Are Listed Below

The following list of best SUVs for seniors has been selected to meet all the essential requirements, such as safety, ease of access, comfortable driving experience, and user-friendly technology features, which are especially important for senior drivers.

Volvo XC40 – Our Top Pick

The Volvo XC40 is a refreshing choice for older drivers looking for an SUV. It’s different from other cars, especially its bigger siblings, the XC60 and XC90. This Volvo retains iconic features such as Thor’s Hammer-like LED headlights. The basic model is easy on your pocket and practical, offering front-wheel drive and a straightforward manual transmission.

 The all-wheel-drive version is an excellent choice for those who value luxury and safety on all types of roads. You can choose one of two plug-in hybrid models if you want to be kinder to the environment – that’s always a good thing, no matter how old you are! 

Best SUVs for Seniors

The standard XC40 models show this off perfectly. Their stylish and luxurious interiors aren’t just for show – they also make driving more comfortable, which is excellent for older people who want smoother rides.

Its unbeatable 3-year warranty gives everyone peace of mind about the Car’s quality and reliability; it shows that this Car is built to last in a time when we all appreciate things that stand the test of time.

Safety features are a significant aspect of what makes a vehicle suited for senior drivers, and every standard XC40 shines brightly in this regard. This SUV has traffic sign recognition as a common feature. It’s an advanced technology that helps you stay aware of your speed.

There’s also blind spot monitoring to ensure nothing escapes your attention on the road without warning you first. Combine these advanced features with the XC40’s natural reliability, and you get more than dependable transport. It becomes like having an extra pair of eyes on the road, making it reliable and very safe.

Kia Sorento – Our Other Favorite

The Kia Sorento was 2022’s best Car from What Car. This has made it popular among all age groups, especially older people. Its mobility solution is one of its main features. It comes in practical and economical and economical plug-in and self-charging hybrid models. 

These models take care of fuel efficiency worries for elderly drivers, showing that their needs are essential. Comfort for drivers is a big focus in the Sorento’s design. That’s why it is considered the best SUVs for seniors. A unique feature is its self-levelling rear suspension system. This improves towing ability a lot while keeping driving comfort at its best.

Best SUVs for Seniors

It’s great for adventurous seniors who want to tow their caravan or trailer on long trips without losing ride quality. Electric efficiency is also top-class in the Kia Sorento, making it more than just another car on the market. It’s a top pick for older drivers.

The driver’s seat in every Sorento is designed to fit the body well and has four-way adjustable lumbar support at its centre. This makes a big difference for drivers, especially seniors, who often deal with back pain on long trips.

Its excellent visibility is its standout trait. This is all thanks to smartly placed windscreen pillars offering a clear, comprehensive view. You don’t have to stress about parking issues anymore. Every Sorento has front and rear parking sensors built into it. 

This not only lessens physical effort but also boosts accuracy for drivers, regardless of their experience level. Carefully fine-tuned weighted steering adds to these perks by giving the driver a unique feeling of control, especially on challenging roads. This makes every ride more than just getting from point A to B; it becomes an exciting adventure.

 Subaru Forester

Off-roading is made easy by the ground clearance of your vehicle. Forester stands out, beating its rivals with a generous 220-millimetre ground clearance. This makes tackling challenging off-road trails a breeze. You don’t have to be a thrill-seeker to see the benefits of this additional ride height. It simplifies entering and exiting the Car.

The Subaru Forester isn’t just tough on the outside and offers a surprisingly smooth ride. You’ll be impressed by the calm confidence it exudes at any speed, without loud engine noise or harsh vibrations. As it covers miles over different terrains, very little road noise seeps into the cabin, ensuring a comfortable journey for everyone inside.

Honda CR-V

The Honda CR-V is popular due to its high quality and reliability. It’s updated with features that appeal to those who are environmentally conscious. This stylish SUV has hybrid engine options, which help reduce carbon emissions and save on gas costs. Operating this model is simple and convenient, as it doesn’t require frequent gas station stops, making it an excellent value for your money. 

Honda knows that drivers value comfort as much as efficiency. The standard Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) gearbox promises a smooth drive because of its automatic movement and quick response time.

Best SUVs for Seniors

Its 198mm ground clearance is perfect for older drivers who find getting in and out of lower sports cars difficult.CR-V isn’t just about luxury; its top-notch suspension system combines comfort and safety by lessening the impact of road bumps for smoother rides.

Hyundai Santa Fe

Hyundai Santa Fe is no ordinary SUV. It’s built to meet everyone’s needs without sacrificing safety or comfort. It caters to all passengers, from kids to seniors. Its 176mm ground clearance makes getting in and out easy for all ages. This height also offers enough support for off-road adventures. 

Once a car is big enough, other essential things like safety features or ease of driving could be overlooked. But this SUV comes standard with intelligent safety technology like pedestrian detection, lane-keeping assistance, and forward crash avoidance.

Its user-friendly infotainment system makes it stand out. It also has a large touchscreen, and heated steering wheel controls for convenience and peace of mind, particularly for older drivers.

Honda Pilot

The Honda Pilot’s design has reached a new level of modern elegance and ease that all drivers, particularly seniors, will value. Its high seating position and oversized windows offer a fantastic view of the road and a feeling of safety when tackling tricky turns or heavy city traffic.

Best SUVs for Seniors

It’s also great for those who want to save on fuel, thanks to its powerful yet economical V6 engine that reduces trips to the gas station. This fashionable SUV offers plenty of comfort and space without any trade-offs. It can comfortably fit up to eight passengers, making family get-togethers or weekly grocery shopping hassle-free.

It is designed with seniors in mind, featuring easy entry-exit due to its perfect ground clearance profile and advanced driver-assistance features like lane-keeping assist and adaptive cruise control accessible through its user-friendly 8-inch touchscreen system. Usability was a critical factor in the design process and looks. 

Toyota Highlander

The Toyota Highlander makes a strong impression on the road and is also a comfort and convenience sanctuary. Its roomy interior, smooth controls, and easy-to-read displays make it an excellent choice, especially for older drivers who value simplicity.

All important details are correct at your fingertips due to a large visual display and simple controls. The Car’s powerful V6 engine always provides enough power for your trip but maintains impressive fuel efficiency of around 24 mpg. It also became famous as the best SUV for senior citizens.

Best SUVs for Seniors

At the same time, advanced safety features like automatic braking reduce collision risks. Lane-keeping assistance helps prevent mistakes from distractions or fatigue that could cause you to swerve out of your lane, while adaptive cruise control automatically adjusts speed based on traffic conditions.

Lexus RX Hybrid

The latest RX Hybrid stands out due to its engine customization, designed for quiet and comfortable rides. This classy SUV has a high ground clearance of around 195mm. This feature makes it easy for people of all ages to get in and out of the car, a detail that older drivers appreciate.

Unlike other models that usually have seven seats, this luxury vehicle offers only five seats. This design choice provides an even more luxurious interior that makes every trip feel top-notch. The RX Hybrid’s entertainment system is all touchscreen, moving away from traditional knobs and buttons.

This sleek, modern design looks good and makes the system easier to use, especially for those who struggle with small controls or dials. You can also lower the back seats to increase trunk space whenever needed, ensuring enough room without sacrificing comfort!

Nissan Rogue

Nissan Rogue is a popular choice among senior citizens. They love its modern design and practical features. The Car looks sleek on the outside, but it’s very roomy and functional inside. The driver and passengers have plenty of space, making any trip comfortable, whether running errands or going on a long drive.

Best SUVs for Seniors

The Car comes with standard front-wheel drive that performs well. But for seniors who want better traction, there’s an option to upgrade to all-wheel drive; that’s why it is considered the most comfortable SUV for seniors. One impressive thing about this Car is its fuel efficiency – it can go up to 37 miles per gallon on highways. This will surely appeal to those who are mindful of their fuel costs.

Inside the Rogue, you’ll find lots of well-designed storage spaces. These are perfect for keeping personal items like drinks or reading glasses safe and within reach while travelling. This attention to detail adds convenience to every trip.

Hyundai Kona Electric

The Kona Electric’s value is enormous because of its impressive mileage efficiency. It is considered the best compact SUV for seniors. It beats many other electric vehicles regarding how far it can go on a single charge, up to 300 miles. This makes it affordable and helps remove worries about running out of power.

The design inside is clean and straightforward, without any unnecessary extras. This Car especially appeals to older people because the controls are easy to use, and the dashboard is clear to read. The large 10.3-inch display makes it easy to see information quickly while driving. Even though the materials used might be less visually appealing, they are high quality and make up for any lack of style.

Subaru Outback

The Subaru Outback is considered the best SUV for older people. It enhances the driving experience for older drivers. Its automatic transmission and 2.5-litre engine blend power and simplicity effortlessly, unlike many SUVs in its category. The light steering reduces tiredness and increases enjoyment, allowing you to quickly navigate every twist and turn. 

This makes driving not just relaxed but exciting as well. For those who love off-road adventures, the Outback stands out due to its impressive ground clearance of 241 millimetres, significantly higher than other SUVs.

Subaru Outback

When combined with four-wheel drive, towing is accessible rather than intimidating, showing how versatile the Outback is. But those who prefer faster acceleration standards in modern SUVs might find this sturdy vehicle a bit slow-paced.

Tips That Can Help Seniors Find The Most Comfortable Car To Drive

If you’re thinking about examining the reviews of the available options, consider these factors:

  • Keeping safety and comfort at the forefront, seniors can opt for vehicles that offer excellent visibility, comfortable seating, easy ingress and egress, simplified tech features or advanced safety technology. Compact sedans or crossovers are ideal for easier manageability instead of large vehicles such as trucks or SUVs, which may be challenging to get in and out of.
  • An adjustable driver’s seat with lumbar support and heated seats feature can add extra comfort, which is especially beneficial during long journeys. Interestingly, it isn’t just the physical adaptability aspects that need consideration but also the cognitive ones.
  • Seniors should look for uncomplicated controls; consider cars with traditional knobs and buttons instead of touchscreen interfaces; this ensures easy operation without needing to take their eyes off the road often. Vehicles with active safety features like blind spot monitoring, forward collision warning or automatic emergency braking aid in confident driving and significantly reduce risk factors, too!

What To Consider Before Buying

All the best ones have flaws, but those on top excel in many areas.You have to keep in mind these pros and cons before buying.


  • Models are convenient and comfortable
  • Affordable options availabl
  • Generally reliable with impressive standard feature
  • Ease of use is a significant advantag
  • A high level of security is typically assured


  • Certain ones possess marginally lower strength compared to others
  • A significant amount of money is required to obtain the necessary extensions
  • Substantial financial investment is generally needed to attain perfection in both areas
  • Typically, it offers high security levels.

Specifications Of The Best SUVs for Seniors :

For an SUV to be viewed as a strong competitor in this category, it must meet several criteria.

  1. Supportive seating holds the highest priority.
  2. Achieving the correct height is crucial for smooth entry and exit.
  3. User-friendly and well-organized technology is a must.
  4. Adequate space should be a critical factor in safety requirements.
  5. Keeping operating costs to a minimum is vital.


To conclude, this ultimate guide provides a comprehensive list of the 11 best SUVs for seniors. These vehicles have been selected based on various factors, including ease of access, comfort, safety features, and driving technology advancements. 

Ensuring a smooth and safe ride for seniors is paramount, and the highlighted SUVs undoubtedly fulfill these criteria. We encourage all seniors or their caregivers in the market for an SUV to consider these fantastic options. Drive confidently, knowing you have made a well-informed decision suited to your needs.


Is ride height important when choosing an SUV for a senior?

Yes, ride height is crucial as it can affect entry and exit ease. An ideal SUV should not be too low or too high off the ground to ensure comfortable access.

What makes an SUV suitable for seniors?

SUVs that are suitable for seniors typically have easy access, comfortable seating, advanced safety features, good visibility, and user-friendly technology.